Hostel Authority

The Principal is the Chief Warden of the Hostel with separate Deputy Wardens are appointed for Boys & Girls hostels. Under the Deputy Wardens, individual Residential Superintendents are appointed to manage the hostellers on each floor.

The hostel students will form a Hostel Council where student council members are selected approximately in the ratio 50:1 will be selected and appointed to serve as representatives of the hostel students. The council members will be coordinating with the Deputy Wardens and will cater to the needs and grievances of the hostel students. Council meetings are held periodically where hostel issues will be discussed and sorted out.


Food is served from the Hostel centralized kitchen and the Menu is chosen by the students which executed by the mess managers. Centralised Kitchen in the hostel mess boasts of sophisticated and modern cooking equipments to serve the Hostel students a variety of delicacies, cooked to perfection and served with a great courtesy. The Mess operates on a Dividing System so that the students are benefitted by nominal mess bills charges. Moreover, professional resource planning is carried out to use alternate natural fuel like solar energy and natural fuel like biogas which would prove to be more cost effective for the students.

Hostel Capacity

There are 8 Girls Hostels and 2 Boys Hostels of various types, which the students can choose from according to their budget.

Hostel Rooms Capacity
For Girls
Marutham 142 470
Yamuna 95 490
Kurinji 144 272
Megala 43 214
Megala Dormitary 4 40
Ganga 16 64
Valluvar 24 79
Kambar 104 390
For Boys
NRI 54 104
Bharathi 178 776
Total 804 2899

Admission Procedure

PSGCASIANS who are willing to join the hostel must register their names at the Hostel office with their residential details. In order to accommodate students from far off places, priority is given to students on first come first serve basis. The list of selected students is posted on the Notice board and also intimated to the students through the SMS system. The students can pay the hostel fees directly at the bank counter available within the campus or can remit the hostel fees through NEFT payment.

At the completion of every academic year, all hostel students must vacate the hostel by submitting the vacating form to the hostel office. Moreover they must register their name for availing the hostel facility for the next consecutive year. The hostel fees includes Caution deposit (only for the first year) , Establishment and Mess Deposit for the entire year.

Permanently vacating Students must submit vacating form along with Refund form at hostel office for processing refund payment. Once the mess bills are finalized for the academic year, statement of accounts will be generated for every individual hostel student and refund amount will be transferred by NEFT to the student or parent bank account.