Green Initiatives

  • PSGCAS campus has planted vegetation comprising of 5225 Trees from 78 Species generating 600 Tons of O2 /Annum and sustaining 72 Species of Birds.
  • Bio-Gas Plant at PSGCAS generates 85Cubic meter / day of Bio – Methane which helps in conserving 5 Tons / Annum of LPG and curtailing emission of 54 Tons/Annum.
  • Wind Energy is generated to a tune of 1, 20, 00, 000 KWH/Annum
  • Solar Panels installed generate solar power to the tune of 3,20,000 KWH El/ Annum. Solar energy is also used for Solar Steam generation for cooking with a capacity of 200Kg of Steam / Hr, Solar Hot water system generating 57,000LPD for the hostels and Solar Lighting.
  • Waste generated in the campus is segregated as Bio Degradable and Non Bio Degradable. Bio Degradable waste sent to composting, while Non bio degradable waste sent to recyclers.
  • At the Sewerage treatment plant, Activated Sludge process method extracts sludge which is used as manure for trees and garden and the Treated water used for gardening.
  • Kitchen Waste & Food waste generated converted into compost pit and the same is used as manure for trees, garden and organic farming.
  • Adequate number of vending machines & Incinerator provided in college and hostel premises.
  • The campus is plastic free.